Group II

Latest News :  APPSC  Group II exam was conducted on Oct 15-16, 2011  after Group I Mains( Sept 25-Oct 03, 2011).

Group II is one of the competitive exam conducted by APPSC for recruitment  of various posts under the Executive and non executive cadre in various AP government depts. Various posts filled under group II will be like

Deputy Tahsildar
Assistant Commercial tax officer
Municipal commissioner-grade III (i.e, smaller municipalities)
Prohibition & Excise SI
Extension officer in Panchayat raj
and other section officer,junior assistant positions.

You can see the complete list of positions,syllabus and reservation from the notification here.

Category wise Exec/Non exec positions as mentioned in the notification are here

What should your rank be in order of merit to get a group II executive position?

OC-Men => Your rank must be less than equal to 153 to get a guaranteed executive position

OC-Women => Your rank must be less than equal to (153+82=235) 235 to get a guaranteed executive position

For those above 30 years age, you need to remove Excise SI posts

OC-Men => Your rank must be less than equal to (153-72=81) 81 to get a guaranteed executive position but possible to get one up to 153 depending on how many before you opted for Excise S.I position

OC-women => Your rank must be less than equal to (81+42=123) 123 to get a guaranteed executive position but possible to get one up to 235 depending on how many before you opted for Excise S.I position

Here i listed only for OC candidates as the rank for them is compulsory to get an executive position, else they won’t get it. For other categories the order of merit(rank) varies depending on how many from their category got positions in OC-General list , the more they get from OC-General list the farther their rank can be to obtain a group II exec/non exec position. The above rank is for guaranteed position only but not for your required post as it varies according to preferences of those before you.


How to Prepare for Group II exam

 Please read this piece of advice before committing yourself for Groups preparation

As with every competitive exam the first thing one need to look at is the exam Syllabus.Next thing you need to do is gather material.Now the question arise what we need and what we don’t.

what we don’t need

Every photocopy of material published by every training institute
Every magazine in the market that recycles material & mock tests

What we need

General studies paper I

Standard NCERT textbooks of Science( physics,chemistry, biology) , Social science from 6th to 10th standard .Geography, History and political science  of 11th and 12th standard download here or here free.

State syllabus books of science and social from 6th to 10th standard, get them from your book shop or library.

Good School Atlas

Ancient India and Medieval India by R.S. Sharma

Both the books are of excellent quality and published by NCERT for class 11 and 12 reading reference

భారతదేశ చరిత్ర (TM) – బి.ఏ చరిత్ర 1st year book — తెలుగు అకాడమి

Indian national movement/Freedom struggle – Bipin chandra

Current affairs daily from one english/telugu, Hindu/sakshi/eenadu including editorials without spending not more than 90 minutes daily.Sakshi and eenadu (pratibha) provides good coverage in their district editions almost daily.If one can afford they can buy Vivek, Vijetha competitions,Udyoga sopanam fortnightly (Rs 20 –Telugu medium only) from bookshops or get them from nearby library.These magazines provide summary of current affairs in polity, economy, exam dates and a good amount of inspiration for various govt jobs.

For Science & technology refer to S&T section in India book 2010. For the latest in S&T refer to wiki like here here or go to their websites.

For mental ability in general studies paper-I one can go for Quicker Maths by M.Tyra(or) Quantitative aptitude by R.s Agarwal

General Studies –Tata McGraw Hill(If you can afford around Rs 1000) is also good

paper II -History

Section -I

History & culture of AP (English medium) — P Raghunadha rao


Adhunika andhra pradesh charithra (ఆధునిక ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ చరిత్ర TM) —  P Raghunadha rao

Another good book on AP history.please download here

Section -II

Indian polity — M Laxmikanth

paper III – Economy

Section -I

Indian Economy —-Dutt& sundaram

Bharata ardhika vyavastha- samasyalu (భారత ఆర్ధిక వ్యవస్త – సమస్యలు ) –Telugu academy competitive exam book

Section -II

Andhra pradesh ardhika vyavastha- Abivriddhi( ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ ఆర్ధిక వ్యవస్త- అభివ్రిద్ధి)  –Telugu academy competitive exam book.

Socio Economic Survey of Andhrapradesh (2010-11)

AP Statistical Abstract 2009

In addition to the above books one need to study India book 2010, latest Economic survey summary(centre & state),Budget highlights(central & state), 13th Finance commission report summary, About Human Development Index (HDI), Human development report of AP , India HDI , UNDP India 2010 HDI rank,Directorate of economics and statistics, AP review.

Various websites to gather more info include Yojana, parliament of india, planning commission.

If you come across any coaching institute material make sure why you are buying that material. Are you able to find something in those book which is not easy to get information on (or) You are buying it simply because it is a great coaching institute or you have seen everyone carrying it around or your friend recommended it. If you follow the second way you will end up buying every institute material and reading nothing but spending your money on useless bunch of books. So before buying any material first go through the syllabus and make sure you got all info from the above said books, incase you don’t get then think of buying material with that “specific topic”. By focusing on the above 6 to 8 books and the latest current affairs mostly you don’t need any other material. All we need is 120 in every paper and another 20 in interview( total 380) to get a group 2 service.

  1. July 9, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    Sir,I want to know the cut off marks in gr2 service

    • July 9, 2012 at 10:04 PM

      Hi Satish.S,
      G-2 cutoff marks varies according to zones and reservation category and is difficult to predict a single mark.

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